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Kimberly (Yi-Ting) Ho is a Lead Motion Designer/ Art Director based in New York City.

Ho has extensive experience in both film production and commercial fields, she also works with events and exhibitions to create video projection content, collaborating with directors, cinematographers, animators, designers, editors, and installation artists. Always looking to experiment and expand her horizons, Ho’s commercial and fine art works seamlessly blend the conceptually abstract with the visually sensuous.

Her documentary project “FYRE” was streaming on Netflix and displayed over 100 countries worldwide. The short documentary “KITH X NIKE: Long Live the King” was official selected for Cannes Lion- Film Craft Lions.

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她參與的紀錄片“FYRE”在串流平台Netflix上播映至全球超過100個國家。微紀錄片”KITH X NIKE: Long Live the King”入圍Cannes Lion- Film Craft Lions影展單元。

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